The mission of Miraj Islamic School is to provide an excellent all-around education in a pleasant and stimulating Islamic environment. We strive for an excellent standard of education, and try our best to inculcate Islamic manners in our students to become exemplary citizens.

  • Highly Qualified Teaching Staff
  • Pre-K 3 & 4 yrs. (5 full days)
  • Kindergarten to Grade 8
  • Advanced Curriculum from Pre-k to 12th
  • Computer Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Regents Class for 8th Grade


English Language Arts Pre-K-8th Grade
Mathematics Pre-K-6th Grade
Science          Pre-K-7th Grade
Science Lab 6th grade and up
Social Studies           Pre-K -8th Grade
Computers Pre-K -7th Grade
Islamic Studies        Pre-K -8th Grade
Quran Pre-K -8th Grade
Arabic            Pre-K -8th Grade
Albanian 3rd -8th Grade
Art      Pre-K -8th Grade     
Physical Education Pre-K -8th Grade
Pre Algebra 7th Grade
Integrated Algebra(Regents) 8th Grade
Earth Science (Regents) 8th Grade      
Earth Science Lab 8th Grade
Global History and Geography I (Regents) 8th Grade

“Say, Are learned and the ignorant equal with one another? Never! Only the wise person can be guided.” (Qur’an 39:9)