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The mission of Miraj Islamic School is to provide an excellent all-around education in a pleasant and stimulating Islamic environment. We strive for an excellent standard of education, and try our best to inculcate Islamic manners in our students to become exemplary citizens.


Miraj Islamic School provides a college preparatory program emphasizing Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies, with the addition of a diverse array of electives.

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Welcome to Miraj Islamic School of Staten Island, New York. We want to make your experience and that of your child most pleasant. Your child’s educational experience should be fruitful, productive and full of cherished memories that he/she will treasure for a lifetime.

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At Miraj Islamic School, our goal is to provide academic excellence and cultivate it in our students.  We cherish academics and are committed to nurturing the unique capabilities and talents of our students, while preparing them to be caring, responsible, effective and leading members of the Muslim community as well as the broader world in which we live. We are a model educational system within which our youth develop to their fullest potential and are motivated to succeed in this life and beyond.


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Miraj Classrooms

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Junior High

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